«Romashkan» ― a promo site of a restaurant

«Romashkan» is an elegant restaurant-museum soaked up with the atmosphere of XIX century. It is located in Shevchenko Park in Ivano-Frankivsk. At the restaurant, one can find portraits of former residents, ancients interiors, objects of use and furniture of that time, as well as taste the gourmet cuisine of the past century.


To create a promo site to represent the restaurant as well as reflect its style and interior and convey the overall spirit. To present the history of the restaurant that they are proud of. To create a photo and video gallery, to add restaurant’s menu containing the information on all the dishes, beverages, and prices.


A multi-page promo website conveying the restaurant peculiar style has been created. The colours of the website elements, interior photos, sliders and prints selected are all matching the restaurant’s elegant style and ancient heritage. Galleries have been designed and filled, the menu together with wine and tea list have been added. The website provides the possibility of online reservation.