The website of Fast&Shine official representative office

Fast&Shine is the first mobile car wash in Ukraine operating without water. The major advantages of the company are their considerable experience, speed and quality of the process, as well as their own unique products.


To create an easy-to-use, fully functional website that would reflect all the advantages of the company, explain the principles of their work, allow to immediately get in touch with the service representatives, as well as encourage the clients to join the business.


We have created an informative, user-friendly website with stylish and understandable interface. The visitor is able to get acquainted with all Fast&Shine services, or promptly contact the company representative. Trust is an important component of any business. The company showed an excellent performance, and has many achievements to boast of. Their operating experience, number of clients, famous partners, feedback – all that is indicated on the website homepage. Unique service technologies are described in the How It Work ssection. Also, there is a separate tab with an offer to join Fast&Shine company – here you may find the business perspectives. With a simple feedback form, a user is able to easily inform of his/her decision. In the Shop tab, the company’s products are represented. Purchasing via the website is easy and quick. In the Contacts section, you can find the contact information and the feedback form. The website looks good on mobile devices.