Thanks to the introduction of the electronic payment system, the use of e-mail, the use of joint development projects and IP telephony, the need for physical representation in each country or region has disappeared. A new type of interaction between the client and the performer has appeared – remote cooperation.
Our company actively cooperates with clients in this way: 99% of negotiations with customers are carried out remotely, thus saving for both sides the most important resource – time.

Аffiliate program

If we share similar interests, but provide different services, we offer cooperation.
We also offer a reward for the clients you bring in, specifically 10-20% of the amount of money they pay for website development.

How to start cooperation

1. Add the following sections to your website:
“Website development”;
“Website promotion”.
In case visitors are interested in these services – direct them to us as to the “IT department” or “programmers”.
2. Add website development and promotion as services that you sell on your website
3. Offer customers a discount on your services in case they order website development and (or) promotion and as a result you will earn more.
4. Hand out our business cards to your customers.
5. Advertise our company in your retail chains.