Domain and hosting

Domain and hosting are what you cannot set up a website without. Here are brief explanations of these concepts.

What hosting is

A setup website in its simplest form is a number of files stored on a hard disk of your computer. No one can access your computer except yourself. Otherwise, it could be easily infected with viruses and malware. From here it’s clear that no one can see your website until it’s in your system only.

To make your website available for visitors, you need to place the files in such a way so that everyone can see them. That is what hosting is meant for. In other words, hosting is a space on the Internet where your website is. Your website will become accessible for everyone, but just for viewing and copying information to their computers (even these functions can be blocked).

If to draw an analogy it can be a leased land where you build a house that is a website.

You cannot have it in possession; you can only lease it for use prolonging a hosting agreement every year. Hosting can be free and paid. The latter has more advantages.

So, hosting is a space on a server provided by a certain company. Such companies are called hosting providers.

What domain is

You are lucky to find a hosting you are happy with. But how let the others know where your website is? How can your visitors view it? Where can they find it? That is what domain or domain name is meant for.

Domain or domain name is a unique (!) name of your website. It serves also as a website address. If you enter a domain name in a browser address bar, you are immediately taken to the website with the name you have typed in.

Domains are divided into zones and levels. Every domain name consists of several parts, separated by dots. See the picture below from right to left.

  1. First-level domains are also called zones. They are country-called domains (ru, ua, de, us) and generic ones (com, net, org).
  2. You can register a second-level domain on any first-level domain. For example, our website is a second-level domain. Other examples are,
  3. Third-level domain:

Short glossary

To sum up:

DOMAIN – a unique name and internet-address of a certain website. Without a domain, you cannot access a website.

HOSTING is a website space on the Internet where everyone can view your website. You cannot set up a site without hosting, it won’t exist.

HOSTING PROVIDER is a company that gives you a space on a server (hosting service).



Save The Date

Modern technologies and innovations seem to have touched almost all the areas of modern people’s lives. We have delegated numerous activities to the global network. Nowadays, we can make purchases, order food, reserve air tickets, etc. via the internet. According to the statistics, a large number of people cannot imagine their lives without this resource.

Why does one need a wedding website?

We create a wedding website as an alternative or addition to paper invitations, which are not always convenient to handle and should be delivered by hand. A traditional paper postcard should be given to a guest personally or sent by ordinary mail. If you are planning a huge party, this will take quite a lot of time. A website is a platform where you will be able to update or publish new information about your wedding. You can add photos and videos from the wedding party, which makes it easier to share them with your relatives and guests. Also, the amount of information that can be indicated on a paper invitation is rather limited. You won’t be able to put there the guest seating chart, a map with the location of a restaurant or church where the ceremony will take place, etc. And, finally, it’s the symbol of your family, an exclusive souvenir created just for you and owned just by you. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Do you need such a website?

If you are planning to celebrate this day in a narrow circle of the closest friends, then probably many of the above-mentioned advantages won’t matter to you.

However, if you are going to organize a large-scale celebration with numerous guests, you will fully appreciate the advantages of “virtual invitation”. Of course, in this article we are in no case agitating you to abandon the paper invitations, but the “virtual invitation” will make it much easier for you to coordinate the guests. In addition, you may indicate on the paper postcard that all the updates can be found on the website.

If in the future you decide to turn this website into a virtual repository for storing the most memorable moments of your life as a couple, we will be happy to help you with that. How many beautiful and joyful moments are awaiting your family in the future? The birth of your children, important events in their lives, wedding anniversaries. We are ready to help you turn your website into a treasury full of memories about the greatest events in the life of your family.

What information should the website contain?

The most important is to include the information allowing your guests to quickly find what they need, as well as photos, videos, contacts for leaving feedback, etc.

What type of website is needed for business?

Nowadays, in order to ensure successful development of any business, one needs a website. While your competitors goof around not promoting their services on the internet, you and your website can stay ahead of the curve. As a rule, when an entrepreneur decides to launch a website for his business, he faces the challenge of choosing the right website type. This is what this article will help you figure out.

There are many website types. We are going to explore just four of them which are the most popular nowadays. They are:

1. A business card website

2. A landing page (a target page, a showcase website)

3. A corporate website

4. An online shop


Business Card Website

It’s the website containing the key information about your company and forming the general impression of the enterprise and the services it provides. Usually, it consists of the description of the company, its services, price-lists and the contact information. A business card website is typically used by organizations not willing to spend excessive amounts on creation of a separate website.

Landing page

It’s a one-page website aimed at selling one or several (very rarely) products or providing a particular service.The main purpose of a landing page is to turn website visitors into the clients of the company, with a high degree of probability.

Corporate website

It’s a large information resource with many sections. The purpose of the corporate website is to emphasize the high status and the large scale of your company. This type of website represents much more information about the organization than a business card website. It may also include the news, promo campaigns, merchandize catalogs. Some corporate websites contain integrated systems aimed at making the interaction with partners or clients easier.

Online shop

This website type allows buying the company’s goods directly. Such websites have many advantages – for example, they may help you save on the expenses the ordinary stores bear (for example, the cashiers’ salary, rent of premises, utility bills, etc.). In addition, online shops are available worldwide 24/7.

So, which variant to choose?

If you’d like to represent your company and have an informational website not requiring considerable funding, the perfect solution for you would be a business card website. If you are concerned with the commercial side of the issue, and the website is needed for the goods or services promotion, the following scheme may help you to make the proper choice.


If you have already decided which type of website you need, you can order it at our studio! If you still have doubts regarding the website type– just contact us in a way that is the most convenient for you, and we will find the best solution together.

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